Permit to Work Training

Permit to work training is essential for your workers to ensure that they understand the requirements of any permit to work systems that are put in place. Whilst good health and safety practice should be a requirement at all times, these systems are introduced in order to reduce the risks to safety and health from particularly hazardous activities where the dangers are substantial and the result of an accident is likely to be serious injury or even death. As well as general permits to work, there are also specific permits which cover certain activities such as working near high voltage electricity or working in confined spaces.

Permit to work training by Associated Training

Risk assessments performed before the work takes place should identify potential hazards and dangers. Permits to work will contain the control measures necessary to be put in place before work starts, such as switching off and locking off of the electricity supply, and are signed off by a competent person(s). They are formal documents which are time-limited rather than open-ended.

Obviously for this system to work it needs to be fully-understood by all those likely to be affected by it and also needs to be strictly followed and enforced. Departing from the permit or not adhering to what it says will undermine the whole point of it and may place either a worker, their colleagues and/or members of the public at serious risk. This makes permit to work training essential for workers who are or are likely to encounter a formal permit to work system. For more information on permit to work courses and training programmes, please visit Associated Training & Consultancy by clicking on their logo above.